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Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering
Brief Introduction

Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineer, National Formosa University


This department, established in 1980, was one of the five departments in the Provincial Yunlin Institute of Technology. The current title of the Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineer, National Formosa University was started from 2006. Currently, this department is consisted of 17 full-time professors, 71 master students and 587 undergraduates. The Department has well-equipped laboratories and mechanical engineering workshops for teaching and research. The department has been conferred the responsibility to help upgrade the national industrial level and production technology. Our alumni occupy important positions in Taiwanese industries and have become one of the most welcome employees in Taiwanese companies.

The major goal of the Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineer is to cultivate the science and technology professionals in the industrial field. The priority is to improve the basic knowledge of students and pay special attentions to develop their technical skills and innovative ability with emphases on theory and practice altogether. The other educational objectives of the Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineer are listed below:

1.  Educate students to understand the principles of mathematics, science and engineering.

2.  Strengthen the combination of theory and practical skills in the field of science and technology.

3.  Cultivate students to have the independent thinking and lifelong learning ability.

4.  Train the team work ability and leadership as well as the communication skills.

5.  Cultivate students to have global view and good ability of second language in order to join the international community.

6. Cultivate students to have the concept of enthusiasm compression, professional ethics and social responsibility.

Our recent focus falls on application of computer-aided engineering design, analysis and manufacturing in areas of precision manufacturing processes, precision 5-axis machining, precision stamping dies, plastic injection molds, the integration of mechanical and electrical engineering, surface engineering and other related fields. The computer rooms and design studios are able to support Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Engineering using industry-standard software. Especially, we concentrate on the enhancement of the links with industrial partners and keen to see each individual succeed to the best of their capability to make flexible use in their future careers.


July, 1970

Establishment of the school, with the launch of the department of mechanical manufacturing for 5-year college, 2 classes.

July, 1987

Establish 2-year night-time college, 2 classes as department of mechanical engineering

Aug. 1989

Add 2-year college, 1 class.

Apr. 1990

Add 2-year part-time college, 2 classes.

Aug. 1992

Rename department of mechanical engineering to department of mechanical manufacturing for the 2-year night-time college.

Aug. 1999

Change to university system; add 2-year university, 1 class. Terminate the 2-year college.

Aug. 2000

Add 1 class of 2-year university.

Aug. 2001

Recruit 4-year university, 1 class; 5-year college, 1 class; 2-year university, 1 class; Add night-time 4-year university, 1 class; Terminate night-time 2-year college, 2 classes.

Aug. 2002

Recruit 4-year university, 2 classes; 2-year university, 1 class; Terminate 5-year college.

Aug. 2006

Rename to department of mechanical and computer-aided engineering.

Aug. 2007

Establish Institute of Innovation Engineering and Precision Technology

Aug. 2010 Suspend  2-year university. Combination of bachelor and master educational systems.
Sep. 2015 Industry-Academia cooperation project started.