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Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering
Educational Goals

We are devoted to cultivating students’ industrial and technological skills with emphases on theory and practice altogether. Students’ ability for self-learning, integration and innovation in development and practical and hands-on experience are also stressed. In order to respond to the demand of nation’s development for primary technologies and for the upgrade of the industry and development of the economy, the Department makes the most of information technology and system integration technology.

We also give consideration to improve students’ ability for foreign languages and appreciation in humanity and arts in order to join the international community:

1. Cultivate students with modern and practical technologies with the ability to apply precision engineering and computer-aided engineering in the related fields of machinery and mechatronics.

2. Cultivate students with various disciplines of precision engineering and mechatronics. Improve their ability in computer-aided engineering, precision manufacturing and mechatronics to fulfill the demand of industry.

3. Cultivate the students with the vision of persistent development, innovative development, and green technology in the technological fields of machinery and mechatronics.

4. Cultivate the students with professional and social ethics as well as supreme team-workmanship.

5. Cultivate the students with broad and international visions; enrich them with the spirit of life-long learning.