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Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering
History of the Department


July, 1970

Establishment of the school, with the launch of the department of mechanical manufacturing for 5-year college, 2 classes.

July, 1987

Establish 2-year night-time college, 2 classes as department of mechanical engineering

Aug. 1989

Add 2-year college, 1 class.

Apr. 1990

Add 2-year part-time college, 2 classes.

Aug. 1992

Rename department of mechanical engineering to department of mechanical manufacturing for the 2-year night-time college.

Aug. 1999

Change to university system; add 2-year university, 1 class. Terminate the 2-year college.

Aug. 2000

Add 1 class of 2-year university.

Aug. 2001

Recruit 4-year university, 1 class; 5-year college, 1 class; 2-year university, 1 class; Add night-time 4-year university, 1 class; Terminate night-time 2-year college, 2 classes.

Aug. 2002

Recruit 4-year university, 2 classes; 2-year university, 1 class; Terminate 5-year college.

Aug. 2006

Rename to department of mechanical and computer-aided engineering.

Aug. 2007

Establish Institute of Innovation Engineering and Precision Technology

Aug. 2010 Suspend  2-year university. Combination of bachelor and master educational systems.
Sep. 2015 Industry-Academia cooperation project started.